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Dark Star Pirate Cruises - 6200 Park Blvd. Wildwood Crest, NJ 08260
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About The Dark Star

Family Owned and Operated

The Dark Star Pirate Cruise is our newest addition to The Starlight Fleet Deep Sea Fishing & Dolphin-Whale Watching Center. It joins the Starlight Fleet, one of the most prominent names associated with fishing on the East Coast, and the 100 ft Atlantic Star, which does our dolphin-whale watching tours as well as hosts our premiere Sunset Dinner Cruise. The Starlight Fleet was founded by Captain James Cicchitti and has over 40 years of experience providing top quality trips. The Starlight Fleet is a family owned and operated business; Captain Jim and his wife, Tracie, are joined by son, Andrew, as Director of Operations in the daily operation of The Starlight Fleet.
Friendly and Knowledgeable Staff

The Ship

The Dark Star Vessel
  The Dark Star was custom designed by Naval Architect, Michael LeMole of LeMole Naval Architecture. The fiberglass hull was built in Steuben, Maine by H & H Marine Inc. in conjunction with and under the guidance of Steve Hudson of Oak Hill Marine Design LLC.

The hull was finished during the last week of February 2010 and transported to Yanks Marine in Tuckahoe, NJ for completion. Our sons, Andrew and J.W., worked side by side with Yank's boat builders everyday to finish the Dark Star. The Dark Star was built to U.S. Coast Guard requirements and from start to finish, the total time for completion of the Dark Star was 5 ½ months.

The vessel is Coast Guard inspected and is certified to carry 49 passengers. It is equipped with state of the art electronics and the latest life saving equipment. Our captains are all U.S. Coast Guard licensed, and all of our captains/crew are subject to random drug-testing as mandated by the U.S. Coast Guard.

The Crew

Aye! The Dark Star be more than a magnificent Pirate ship; she is manned by a tawdry bunch of buccaneers. Our scurvy Pirate crew will take ye on a Pirating adventure ye will not soon (if ever) forget!

Be a part of our adventure and learn to speak like a Pirate…Aaaarrrrgggghhhh! And hunt for Treasure like a Pirate, Aye me booty! There may be some ship to ship fightin, Me Hearties! Batten down the hatches and ready ye water cannons! We must protect our Treasure!

Dark Star Pirate Crew


Awesome and lots of fun
Sat, Sep 6, 14
This experience was awesome!! we went with 5 kids from 4-8yrs old and 4 adults and we all loved it! the crew was so much fun involving all the kids and even adults. we would recommend this to everyone to try and we will def come back

Great day for parents & kids!
Sat, Aug 30, 14
My family and I were very happy with our pirate adventure on the dark star. The crew went out of their way to make the experience fun and funny for all. My almost 5 year old had a great time! I was particularly impressed with the fact that the crew went out of their way to include and comfort the younger kids who were feeling shy while on board. The crew really made an effort and all the families had a blast!

Pirate of Wildwood
Thu, Aug 28, 14
The show and the actors was great. My son enjoyed every minute of it.

awesome trip
Thu, Aug 28, 14
Took grandkids ages 9. 6. 3. They had a blast.the staff were great and overall a great trip. Can't wait to go again next August

Lots of Fun
Thu, Aug 28, 14
There was five of us four adult women and my grandson who is 3 1/2 - he is a handful but they had him interact with the characters and he was fully entertained... We really enjoyed it and would recommend it to our friends...

Enjoyable even for older kids.
Mon, Aug 25, 14
My children are a bit older (10 and 13) than the target audience but we went along with friends that have young children. It was such a good time - the pirates "picked on" my kids in a way that they knew was all in good fun. Our entire crowd was belly laughing at the pirate antics!

Highly Recommend the Dark Star Pirate Cruise
Fri, Aug 22, 14
Ridiculously a fun time for our whole group. I was particiularly impressed with the way the characters entertained "kids" of all ages. Even my 13 year old daughter had a fantastic time on the cruise!

A FANTASTIC event for your kids!
Tue, Aug 19, 14
I have 2 children, boy 4 and girl 8 and they both LOVED the Pirate Cruise! It was very entertaining and to be honest, most of the parents loved it just as much! It was definitley yhr highlight of our vacation in Wildwood!

Tue, Aug 19, 14
The entire experience was perfection from beginning to end. The pirates were fabulous and my grandson in a wheelchair was made to feel part of the whole cruise. Everyone was so helpful and friendly and I will recommend this to all my friends. Great job .

Fun for all Pirates
Wed, Aug 13, 14
We a famiy of 8 with the youngest being 12 and oldest 56 had a blast the crew included everyone not just youngsters but adults also and our group of 18 to 20 yr olds and everyone in between I would reccommend as a terrific change to all the board walk regular stuff for everone from young blokes of 1 2 or 3 to the older generation

Tue, Aug 12, 14
I loved the pirate cruise cruise before we entered the boat the staff was engaging my grandchildrenbasing somewhat skeptical but the staff was determined to win them overthe interactive componentas well as the historymade it a two-fold experienceas my grand talk to their parents it was one of the first things they sharedI would tell anyone coming to Wildwood to make sure they plan on that experienceit was amazing

Thumbs Up!!
Sat, Jul 12, 14
I wanted to do something different for my Grandchildren as part of their birthday gifts. I have ridden past the pirate ship lots of times and thought what a novel idea. They all had an awesome time. I would highly recommend this as it was so memorable .The staff were all so professional.

Fantastic Experience for Children and Adults
Thu, Jul 10, 14
We had friends recommend this adventure to us and we were THRILLED with the experience. Our party had 4 boys under 7 years old... all of them thought it was "so awesome". The three adults thought so too. It was nothing elaborate but it was perfect. It was casual but completely entertaining. We would highly recommend the Dark Star Pirate Cruise to anyone looking for an adventure while down the shore!

Excellent time
Thu, Jun 19, 14
My family went on this cruise and had a great time. The crew was extremely entertaining. Even though it is aimed at younger kids, the adults were pulled into the fun. It was an hour of laughing and fun.

Best Cruise for Kids in NJ
Sat, Jun 14, 14
My Granddaughter, Emily, age 4, and I had a great time. This was her second time, as my daughter and wife took her last year. The crew is wonderful with kids. They sang songs, shot the bad pirates with water cannons and found sunken treasure. I highly recommend this for anyone staying in the Wildwoods with kids..

Dark Star Pirate Cruise 2013
My son has ADHD and they were able to keep his attention the whole time. Even before the cruise started we were there an hour early and they still interacted with the children and they had a wonderful time being involved from the time we got there til after the cruise was over. My son is 6 and my daughter is 7. They loved the treasure hunt as well. We are looking forward to going again another time.
September 15, 2013

Dark Star Pirate Cruise 2013
Not knowing what to expect we took the cruise and were thoroughly entertained. My grandchild is very shy however she took an immediate interest and clearly and loudly participated in the adventure. Would recommend this cruise for children of all ages.
August 30, 2013

Dark Star Pirate Cruise 2013
My 3 boys had an awesome time! The pirate actors were great. We were entertained the entire time. Face painting, props, treasure, a high seas pirate battle and more. They even painted the treasure map on my husband's bald head! It was great! Highly recommended to all families out there!!
August 29, 2013

Dark Star Pirate Cruise 2013
Kids (ages 7 and 9) had a great time! The cast was FUNN-NAE! It was paced really well, and just the right length of time...would highly recommend it to any family with kids.
August 29, 2013

Dark Star Pirate Cruise 2013
August 27, 2013

Dark Star Pirate Cruise 2013
We had a truly wonderful time on the ship. The crew was extremely entertaining and worked very well with the children. They told stories, sang songs, used water cannons to fight the "bad pirate" , found treasure and drank grog. What a truly fun filled day for all. It was just as good for the adults as it was for the kids.. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants a pirate filled adventure. I know there are other pirate ship adventures around, but this one is the best by far!!!! Thank you Dark Star for giving my children a truly wonderful experience.
August 27, 2013

Dark Star Pirate Cruise 2013
I gave this gift for my friend and her husband to take their grandchildren. They sent me pictures and said it was one of the best times ever with her grandchildren. It was not only fun for the kids but the adults as well. I will definitely be taking my niece there! Sorry I do not have a facebook to post but I will ask my friend that visited if she would not mind posting pictures and her comments as well. THANK YOU!!!
August 20, 2013

Dark Star Pirate Cruise 2013
The crew was great... Very entertaining, never a dull moment... Our son is still thanking us for taking him!
August 06, 2013

Dark Star Pirate Cruise 2013
the crew of the dark star pirate cruises were great. the party that I took there had to people that had a disability, one of them took part in the fun, the 2nd sat with us adults, but the crew included the one who sat with the adults and made his day. dave would love to thank the members of the dark star pirate cruises.
August 03, 2013

Dark Star Pirate Cruise 2013
An absolute must in Wildwood NJ for those with kids. We went on our vacation and had no kids with us but had a blast all the same!!! Lots of fun and laughs, the "crew" was awesome and we are planning to take our grandchildren next year!!
August 03, 2013

Dark Star Pirate Cruise 2013
Great laugh for kids and adults alike. More geared toward the younger child (ages 2-9) My daughter is 12 didn't want to participate but in the end I caught her laughing and smiling. My son is 9 and enjoyed it to the fullest. Worth the money for the entertainment :)August 03, 2013
Starlight Fleet 4 Hour Fishing 2013
Fun trip for me and the kids. The mate Tom was really helpful keeping the kids lines untangled and helping them catch fish.
July 26, 2013

Dark Star Pirate Cruise 2013
My family had a fantastic time! This was an amazing adventure and dun for all ages! Our children are ages 2-12 and everyone one of them, along with us parents had a blast! The crew involved everyone during the entire voyage. They even recruited my husband for some of the show! I would highly recommend this for families of all ages! I'm so glad we took the voyage! Thank you Wet Dog, Bloody Mary, Mutanous Mike an of course the Captain. You made our vacation a memorable one! fun.
July 16, 2013

Dark Star Pirate Cruise 2013
The crew was fantastic, funny and very entertaining for both kids and adults. It was our nephew's 9th birthday and they had everyone sing him a happy birthday pirate song and gave him a special jewel. It was really a memorable and special day for us all!
July 10, 2013

Dark Star Pirate Cruise 2013
The crew was amazing. Wet Dog really made my boys feel comfortable. He was able to get them to participate....not an easy thing to do. We had a blast and highly recommend this to anyone with kids!
June 22, 2013

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